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Icons and inputs height collapsing in new engine

Hello, guys!!

Does anybody know why my icons and some inputs height collapses whenever I group elements in any part of my page? This is in the new responsiveness engine. Is this just a bug or there’s a reason behind this?

Anybody with this problem too?


Check the height settings of the elements…make sure the minimum height has a value greater than 0

Thanks for the response. Is there any reason why this behaviour?

Bubble is giving us more control over the height of elements…in order to provide that the minimum height setting is a new factor to contend with…my approach is to set the height on icons and inputs to be fixed height and set the value to the height I want. With icons I also set the width to be fixed width.

This is how I have my icons set up. The width is fixed but it doesn’t give me the option to fix the height.

It doesn’t give that option likely because the container it is in is fixed…not 100% sure as this is all pretty new stuff.

Based on the settings of that Icon I would look at the settings of the container to see why the container is collapsing.

If the settings on the container are not such that it would collapse, or the container is not collapsing I would send a Bug Report.

One way to test if the container is collapsing is to put a background color and preview the page. If you see it, it is not collapsing.

The groups is not collapsing, after grouping elements, the height becomes automatically 0. On preview the group is showing normally. I think is might be more like a bug :confused:

What height? The height of the group or the height of the icon?

In your screen shot of the icon dialogue it shows the height is set to 15.

If you are referencing the height of the group becomes zero automatically it sounds like the group is collapsing. But you said you can see the group when you preview…are you able to see the icons when you preview?

Yes, by default the icon is 15px height. Once I group any elements on the page, it becomes 0. You can see it in the Editor and on Preview. The image was just a reference that isn’t giving me the option to fix the height.

The group that contains that icon isn’t collapsing anytime, only the icon.

Same here. I hope it would be fixed soon.


I’d send a Bug Report then if you are experiencing that issue. My belief is the more people Bubble hear from reporting the same issue the more likely it is to become a priority to fix and resolve.

In the meantime I would recommend trying to use the Icon element (native to Bubble) or the Google Material Icon (plugin built by Bubble)…in my testing so far, I am not having any issues with either of those two Icon element types.


Seems that they do have it as a priority, hopefully is fixed soon. Is quite annoying going back to those elements and change the height

Thanks!! I think using the native bubble elements will need to be the go to right now