Defining shortcuts in Bubble

In Chrome on Windows (latest builds) the Ctrl + G shortcut is reserved. I think this is new (within the last week or two) because I was killin’ it with the Ctrl + G bubble shortcut before.

I could get chrome extensions tool manager and change my chrome shortcuts (chrome doesn’t have this option out of the box, afiak) but wouldn’t it be cool if I could define my own shortcuts in Bubble?

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CTRL + G is “Jump to the next match to your Find Bar search”

The only things that should kill chrome on windows is CTRL + SHIFT + Q and ALT + F4

Close current tab is CTRL + W or CTRL + F4 and close all tabs and browser is CTRL + SHIFT + W

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oh lol, no I meant I was killin’ it you know, like crushin’ it, like, my workflow was so fast I flew under tha radar, but not no m0ar.

I know E&J are super busy, but if they found the time at some point to give us control over defining our own shortcuts I think it’d be a really useful feature.

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anyway to define this now.? When I use Ctrl + T on windows chrome, all it does is open a new tab. How can I avoid this?

Would also LOVE to define my own shortcuts in Bubble