Delay pressed effect for button on mobile devices

When click on a button from a mobile device, the pressed effect is applied to it. But immediately after touching, the button returns to its default condition.

How to delay the pressed effect on a button after clicking?

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Use a custom state. On button click set the custom state to ‘pressed’, add an action to pause for a couple of seconds and then set the custom state to ‘released’.

On the button, add a condition that changes to ‘this element isn’t clickable’ when the custom state is ‘pressed’

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Where can I find the ‘released’ condition?

It’s a custom state. You can call it whatever you want.

If you are asking about how to set a condition on an element, double click on any element to open the edit window and then see the ‘Conditional’ tab.

Have a look at this demo:

Is that what you are trying to achieve?

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Yes it works!
Gavin, thank you very much.