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New Event: An Element is Touched/Pressed

I would need to get an event triggered when an element it touched (think iPhone). I can not wait for it to be clicked (released).

I see that it’s possible to capture the Pressed state in the Conditional tab. I could use that to set a State but thats not possible.

Have you looked at the “is pressed” condition on element conditions tab? I think there are few threads on the forum that describe a workaround with this condition. You could have a hidden element that is styled to be invisible (a shape with no color) and do the following:

Condition on shape: when another element is pressed > this shape is visible
Workflow: Do when condition is true only when shape is visible > add your actions

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

I just woke up 02:37 and thought something like this should work - using another type of element conditionalized by the press on the image.

And of course you and other smart Bubble people already thought this out. Works splendid using a Shape hidden behind another shape with background colour.

This makes my game playable, since it must react on press - the user can’t wait for the click.

Many thanks! :smiley:

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