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How to make custom state "hasbeenpressed"

I want something to happen in conditionals after a button is pressed, not while a button is being pressed. Could you please run me through how to do this?! Thanks!

If you’re looking for an action to take place after a button is clicked, that would be through workflows, not conditions.

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no, I know what I’m trying to do. It only works when the button is pressed. Once it’s pressed I want to be able to see “Input AA’s AAnswer” after I press the button. Not just “when” I press it.

You could set a custom state “XX” on the element you want to show (Input AA’s AAnswer) as yes/no, then condition it’s visibility to: “if custom state XX is yes”, the Input is visible, and “if custom state XX is no” then Input is not visible.

Then run a workflow to change custom state from no to yes when button is clicked. If for some reason you want this to happen x time after the button is pressed you can “Add a pause before next action” as the first element on the workflow.

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