Delays in workflow changes?

Hi @bubble,

I’m trying to troubleshoot some workflow issues, as part of this troubleshooting I’m making changes to the workflow and then rerunning it and reviewing the logs. I think I’ve found an issue where the workflow is not being updated on the server after I update it in my browser. Is there supposed to be a time delay between when I make changes and the time it is actually updated on the server?

For instance, I was performing a “find and replace” action, and was getting an “Invalid properties object” in the logs when using a “Do a Search” in the Replace section, so I hard coded a string “xxx111” in the Replace section, ran the workflow, and saw “xxx111” in the logs. Since this appeared to be working, I switched the “replace” section to something else, but when I ran it again I was still getting the “xxx111” in the logs for the item I was replacing.

Here’s an example, which is even more perplexing. I’m performing a find and replace. Somehow the system is running the old version of the workflow and the new version of the workflow in the same workflow. The top arrow is doing what I expect based on the current workflow. The second arrow down is a previous version of the workflow, so it’s very odd that the “xxx111” is even showing up because the API just imported this email and performed the find/replace.

Here’s the current workflow. In the Replace field it’s searching for something.

These are the three records that could be used to return values from the contentBytes field. None of them have “xxx111” in them. That was actually a static value I had placed in the Replace field before switching to the “Search for”

An hour later I run the same workflow again and this is the result. Two of the images are showing the proper text, but the third still is not, but the src tag’s value is blank. It’s like the search happened before the table it’s searching on had created the record.

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