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Debugger skipping all 'Make changes to' workflows

I’m wondering if this is by design, but when I go to look at my ‘Make changes to’ workflows in the debugger, it skips right past them. Any ideas?

Not sure what you mean by (debugger skipping all ‘updates’ workflows) “by design”.

Could you elaborate a bit more and include screenshots pls to make your request more understandable?

I’ll need to upload a video, because that will illustrate how all of the update workflows are literally skipped past when I hit “Run next”. Give me a few minutes.

I’m sorry, what I mean by “update” workflows is “Make changes to” workflows… (I forgot that I was simply labeling them as “update”).

Here is a clip demonstrating skipping of my workflows.

Thanks for clarifying.

That looks very weird. Not sure what to tell you here. I have no clue. And I assume it’s worked before?

I was surprised today to discover that a whole workflow event “create thing” wasn’t (and isn’t) displayed by the debugger when running it. It all works fine until the last event. I don’t know if it’s actually run or not. I can’t see. It’s too fast. Wild guesses here but I’m thinking both could have something to do with todays “bubble malfunctions” perhaps? Like said, wild guesses.

Sorry my help is more or less useless to solve your issue.

Honestly, I really hope this is a Bubble thing because there are several other (data) things that are not functioning as expected and I’ve been trying to debug all day without being able to use the debugger.

Fingers are crossed that it’s not me just being dumb.

Can you file a bug report? This only impacts the debugger so we may take a week or two to look into it but we’ll have a look.

Sure, thanks.

How does it respond in other browsers?


Does run slow do the same?

Yep. I’m wondering if it has something to do with ‘Make changes to thing’/‘Create if thing doesn’t exist’ creating new rows. I’m currently writing a separate post regarding that issue too.

I’ve yet to use concurrent data changes but it sounds reasonable. I’m looking forward to learning about the solution, good luck!

Hi All, I’m new to Bubble, (just a week)

I think I’m experiencing some very similar with Make changes and Create a new thing where the system skips the workflow process. I thought it was my naivete but I assume this is a bug.

Any updates yet?

Any updates regarding this topic?

We’re using the debugger to help us document our application.

There are some workflows with “make changes to…” that depend on “create new…” commands in the same workflow, but are all skipped.

Can you check again?

All working now. Thank you!

I’ve seen this happen in the past where I add a workflow step in the midding of a flow that’s already been there. Although it skips it, it does make the change. It just won’t show in the debugger.