Delete files to save storage

Hi dear friends,
I am new to Bubble and hoping for guidance.
I have about 35k images that I would like to delete from live storage to free up space and save money.
I ran an API to delete 800 things via which some images have been uploaded to Bubble s3. I was hoping that action would clear some space but it did not clear the storage at all. 800 things have been deleted but images have not - I still have 35k images using my space. Deleting manually is not easy since I need to delete older images in reverse chronological order. And the list is growing daily.
I saw there is an action to “Delete an uploaded file” but it is asking for the URL which is unique for each of 35k records. Seemingly that is not a solution either.
So my question is how do I delete more than 10,000 files from the storage?
Is there some kind of API workflow or something else?

Deleting “things” are different from deleting the uploaded files

Things are the “bubble” objects in your database. They can be deleted using the delete thing action

Uploaded files, on the other hand, can only be deleted using the “delete uploaded file” action

I suggest you run the workflow with the delete uploaded file action

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Thanks for clarification, I’ll try.