Deleting files/images from the storage

Evening all,

I’m relatively new to Bubble and not a coder so would appreciate some help if possible please.

For the image sharing site I’ve created, I’ve been deleting records from the ‘things’ database but have noticed that the images are still recorded in the storage.

Do I need to manually click the ‘delete’ link one by one (for all 500 test images)?
Is there a way for the workflow to delete the file when it deletes the record in the ‘thing’?

It seams odd that deleting the record doesn’t also delete the file?

Thanks in advance,


When you delete the record, there is an action to delete an uploaded file.

For now, you have to delete the 500 test images manually because you didn’t had the “delete uploaded file” action :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Thank you! found it and implimented.

Now I just need to click delete… confirm x 500

Wait, you can make a recursive workflow to delete all files uploaded.

That sounds better that the RSI I’m developing at the moment.

I’ll read up about that. Thank you.

Looks like repetative strain injury will be the route forward.

I can’t run an API on a list that doesn’t exist. ie. I can create a backend workflow to run on the list of things… but I don’t have a list of things - I need it to run on the list in the storage but there ian’t a way to generate it.

This is indeed a problem, I’ve also a lot of orphans files, it’s a nightmare to delete. If at least the file manager section contained checkboxes, that would really help when manual deletion is required…

Ohh, now I see. When I started, I had the same issue, so I deleted each file manually (although there were like 50).

I think this is the only way because they are not attached to an entry. :grinning: :computer:

I’m not sure that would be desirable, since multiple things could potentially be referencing the same file. I agree, though, that it could somehow be made more clear that the onus is on the Bubble developer to manage uploaded files. There are a number of related posts. Just search the forums for “orphaned files”.

With regard to image handling, specifically, this post might be helpful. If your site is image-centric and you’re interested in optimizing your Bubble storage, a plugin like Upload Buddy might come in handy.


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