Storage issue on hobby plan

Hi! Lately, I get a notification that my app has reached the maximum file storage capacity when I try to upload a file on live mode, to test my app(hobby plan). So deleted EVERYTHING on my database, but I keep getting the same message. What’s the reason for this? How can I free up space? Is this a trick so I have to upgrade my plan?

You need to delete files. They are stored on AWS and the link is stored in DB. But if you delete a thing in DB, this doesn’t delete the file in AWS.
So you need to go in Data/ File manager to see all of them and delete them

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ok, that makes sense. LOL. Thanks a lot @Jici , I’ll delete the files and see.

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One question comes to mind. What happens when I share a video from YouTube? Its just reference on the app to the location of the file, right? It wont take space from storage is it? Maybe is a dumb question but I just would like to make sure.

Exactly. The link itself is stored as text and doesn’t count on your storage capacity. This is why you can use external storage to work with Bubble and not just Bubble storage offer

Ok, I understand. So how can I set a way to delete these files when an entry on a database is deleted? Is that possible from the live app?

Of course - simply reference the file in the database object. Could be as simple as a field named “File” and make it of type file. Then when running a workflow to delete a database object you can also reference the associated file.

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You need to do a Delete File or list of File before deleting item in DB.

Instead of this… is it better if one use AWS S3 to store all such files through a plugin… which will cost very less and not have the headache of deleting files.

I believe there are AWS storage plugins which can solve this kind of problem…that is exactly how i plan to build my apps…

correct me if i am wrong.


ZQ have a plugin to connect to AWS and Bubble have one to connect with Box.

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Thank you for your replies @Jici @ahanviv ! It sounds like an interesting option. Is this reliable? Are there any downsides to doing this? I saw this post with a bad review regarding this third party solution:

So I would like to know more before deciding. So I will look deeper into it. But your input is greatly appreciated

Hi @BrianHenderson Thank for your reply! I think I get a general idea. However its a concept I’m not very familiar with. So, to make it clear, its possible to run a workflow to delete that referenced file. I’ll play around with it. Thanks again mate

Thanks for the heads up. Hmmh… sounds like we need more research

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