Delete files uploaded to Box via Bubbles native plugin

Using Box to Store files…unless I’m missing something obvious there is no way to delete the file in Box other than manually doing so…unlike AWS where we can delete the uploaded file…

So my question is more than likely to bubble themselves… Can I leverage the token you are obviously storing behind-the-scenes with your native plug-in and utilise this to make an API call

Delete “” I can obviously get the file ID using regex from the returned URL

did you figure out on how to do this?

Unfortunately not

how did you get the file id? like when delete button click will search the file id? or like after the file is uploaded it will also add the file id so that i can be easily get when doing the deleting part in workflow

that won’t help you…but you just use regex to extract the id from the uploader value using ([^/]+)(?=/[^/]+/?$)

i did get this to work but in a round about way. I hosted a .php script on a separate server Authentication and api calls i need then made calls to these from bubble passing the ID using the method above.

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