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Delete a file from

I have been trying for quite a while to delete files that are uploaded to using the native plugin… I can upload files and get a files’ file_id and URL from Box, but actually deleting it is proving to be impossible.

I have tried using the “Delete and uploaded file” workflow step, passing in the file URL, but I’m afraid the “Delete an uploaded file” step only works with the native AWS uploaded files…

Is there any way to delete files stored in a account? I suppose I should be able to hand code this instead of using the plugin at all, but why does Bubble even have a plugin if it can only process uploads and not deletes? Just doesn’t make sense…

The Box plugin is a bit simplistic. It is better to setup own API call via the API Connector.

Here is how the delete file api call looks like:

Yea the hard part is figuring out what that Authorization value should be

Authorization usually the most complex in APIs. Once you setup the authorization flow - the API calls are easy.

In authorization is done with Access Token that is indicated in the header Authorization: Bearer [access token].

Access token is valid for 1hr. To get Access token you need a Secret token (client_secret) and you need to setup a separate API call like this:

I am trying to do this and i can get it to work… the get access token returns error 400 (value is unauthorised for this client id) no matter what i do… i checked the Box settings and it should be setup correctly… can you help please?