Delete Item From List of Things in Database Should Be Harder

If you accidentally click delete next to a users name, there’s no notification or a box that says “are you sure”. If your on the back end DB and accidentally delete a user from a list - you may not know for a long time. Until a customer complains.

My idea is to make it slightly less easy to accidentally delete an item from a list in the DB.

I’ve solved this by adding a simple pop-up box with that option on my own.

Yeap. That is what an “are you sure” popup with a yes or no buttons prior tu full deletion of a record can assist with.

Thanks guys! I’m actually talking about the bubble database (not my app interface). If you go into the data tab within bubble and delete data from lists manually it’s too easy.

That is what admin dashboard pages are for :+1:

They are built because non-dev users could unintentionally break anything and everything if they can access the backend … not only the dB.

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I get what you’re saying now. You’re saying I should build an admin dashboard for myself so I don’t need to use the bubble data UI. Very interesting! thanks!