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Is there a way to quickly delete the entire database?

… instead of having to create a workflow to delete every record?

The reason I ask is because when doing complicated imports, you must first test the data coming in.

By the time you have tested all the fields, you end up with quite a few records used for testing.

Now I want to do an import of all the csv records, but will end up with a lot of repeated and garbage data from my testing.

It would be nice to be able to quickly delete all the records in a table from the “data” tab.

Obviously that can be very, very dangerous, so being able to have multiple warnings would be essential. Also, would be nice to be able to make a copy of the database in case you still delete all the records from the wrong table! :scream:

Not really. Exposing this kind of features is quite risky… so we prefer to have users ask the question here.

We don’t expose that, but what you could do, for instance, is to clone the app and delete the previous one. you’d delete the whole db though.

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I have ended up with quite a large “admin” page with all these functions on, and it is always open in a browser tab.

The delete worksflow itself is very quick to set up - drop a button, name it something, workflow > delete a list of things.

Plus I have a few that tidy up after imports too. I prefer to have things in my control, that way I have only myself to blame if it doesn’t work quite the same. I see it more like “database admin”.

As well as producing great looking apps, one if the things I find so useful with bubble is being able to hack together something very quickly to change data, or allow to me to bulk edit a bunch of stuff.

Try doing that with a team of developer :slight_smile: “Can you just quickly create me a page with a huge table and all the records so that I can edit something”…

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Thanks @NigelG. That is what I figured I will be going. I have that same huge admin page in my old app.

No biggie. Just wondering if this feature was coming or in the works before spending time creating my own admin page(s)

I do know what you mean, there are some times when I just want to clear the entire database. But mostly it is just a few tables.