Delete my Bubble forum account


I want to delete my account on this forum with all topics I created, because I want to remove my username. How can I do that ?



I don’t think you can delete your account i will have a look for you and tell you.

Jeff Walker

Good Afternoon,

I did have a look in the settings for you and there is no delete button but you can email and request it to be deleted im sorry.


Hey @yacine.founaqa,

If you want to delete your forums account you’d have to delete your bubble account as well. The reason being is because Bubble Forums uses your Bubble Account info for SSO (Single sign-on).

According to @emmanuel,

He states that you will need to email Bubble Support, which is when they will do it for you. At this time there isn’t a built-in functionality.


thanks !

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Unless you email Bubble directly, it appears that you’ll have to go to to delete your Bubble information. Bubble and Bubble Forum both use the same account.