Is there any way to delete the accounts within a bubble app?

So I’m making a bubble application with a login and signup, however, I want to give the user an option to delete their account from the app is there any way at all that this can be accomplished? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Yes, you can enable a user to self-delete their account.

The simple way: use the “Delete thing” action and set it as a “Current User.” Good to include a “Log the user out” action as part of the workflow.

The hard (but better) way: set up an API workflow, where you have several actions: Delete a list of things (where the things are the things on each table related to the user) or Make changes to a list of things, where you scrub sensitive user data from each of the things related to that user ((and repeat this across every table necessary), delete the account, then send an email to the email address of the deleted user.


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