Delete post based on date and time

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hi all i want show a post in repeating group but the post should be visible till the date or time given by the user

is that possible

Hi there, @aravinddeverasetty20… if I understand your post correctly, what you described should be as simple as setting the repeating group’s data source to a search for posts with a constraint where the date specified by the user is greater than the current date/time. Here is an example with a field on the Post data type called show until that is the date/time that has been entered by the user.

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i cant find any option like this

You can’t find any option like what? Do you have a field on your Post data type that stores the date until which a post should be shown?

yes i have

i cant find an option like show untill

show until is the name of the field I used in my example. You said you have a field in which you are storing the date until which a post should be shown. What is the name of that field? You will select that field where show until is shown in my screenshot.

end date is the field name

Great… then your constraint on the repeating group’s search should be end date > Current date/time.

even i tried that if we add the constrain what about the remaing posts

I have no idea what you’re asking or what the problem is. If you want to share some screenshots that show what you are doing and what isn’t working, I’m sure we can figure things out.

yes i understand what ur saying but my point is if we add a constrain like that the remaining posts are not showing in the repeating group

Every post where the end date is less than the Current date/time should show up. If that isn’t happening, there is no way for me to know why without seeing some screenshots or looking at your editor. So, check the debugger, and it couldn’t hurt to check your privacy rules, too.

ok thank u hope ur idea helpful

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