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{Solved } I have error when using Repeating group fiilter by date

i have repeating i want to display users with constraint date from Date time input elemnt
when i select date from date and time input element the repeating group shows nothing
look the attachments

Hi there, @ayanle876… the constraint takes time into account… so, the search is looking for users created at exactly 12:00 am on September 16th, and as you can see in your second screenshot, the user was created at 3:31 pm on that day.

One way to achieve the desired result is to use two constraints that look like this…

Hope this helps.


Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, you don’t need to use the :rounded down to operator because the date/time picker is already using 12:00 am as the time. So, omitting that operator in both constraints will still produce the desired result.

Thanks bro @mikeloc it worked ,

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