Delete posts by deleting account

Hi! I am creating a social network, and I would like, to when the user deletes his own account, to delete all his posts too. How can I do that?

You need a workflow that will delete a posts with for example ID of current user

Thanks for your reply! How do I do that? I have a data type called “Posts”,and when a user clicks a button it creates a new post.

Create in posts field user_id and in create post workflow add field user_id=current users unique ID.
That means that every post will have user ID and you search or delete every post that contains it.

Ok, I’ve done that. Now, what’s the next step?

Sorry to be bothering you, I’m new at bubble.

Do Data > Delete a List of things before you delete the user


What do i choose now?

Do a search for
type post
user_id=curent user’s unique id