How do you delete an entire line of data type on the DB?

Users have their own profiles - stored on the “Users” Data Type
They can create “projects” under their profile - stored on the “Builds” Data Type

How do I let a user delete a project they’ve created? I setup a delete popup with an “are you sure?” button. I know to delete a USER, in the workflow I would just have it setup as Delete Current User. Pretty simple. but what about deleting just a specific entry on another table by the user?

For example, if they wanted to delete just this entry.

Can it be specified by This “Build” Unique ID or something?

In A nutshell, I am trying to create a function that deletes the user AND any data they’ve created on the “Builds” table.


You’d probably want to use “delete a thing” in your workflow to delete the thing they’ve made (just do a search for XX, then filter that by “created by=current user”:first item) (or if there’s more than one thing, use ‘delete a list of things’ instead) - after that the next step would be to delete that user :heavy_check_mark:

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ah hah! that worked. Thanks!

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