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Delete Record after number of days

Howdy Brains Trust.

I’m trying to set a workflow to create a record and then delete that same record a set number of days later.

I looked at:
Create thing --> Reset Inputs --> Add pause before next action --> Delete thing

The issue here is that the delay action is set in milliseconds. I want the flow to delete 56 days later - that’s a whole lot of milliseconds!!

The other option I see is:
Create thing --> Reset Inputs --> Delete thing (result of step 1) (with the condition that Step 1 thing’s creation date was X days ago), but that condition doesn’t appear to be an option.

Anybody able to tell me how to pull it off?

Yeah, it would be best to use a backend workflow to do this. Then the user doesn’t have to stay on the page for 56 days. :blush:

You can schedule an API workflow and just set it to 56 days from the current date.

Do you know how to use backend workflows yet?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Ripper, thank you.

Have played with backend workflows a little. Can guarantee I’ll be across how to get this done by day’s end.

Thanks again for your help.

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No problem! :blush: Glad that helped! :+1:


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