Delete URL file manager

How to make.

I have to delete a list of records for a particular customer from the database. so far without problems.

My problem:
For each customer record there are 6 images in the database. I use the Cropie Plugin to process the images and record the URL of the image.

How do I, when the record is deleted, also delete the file manager url?

Which parameter to pass to the delete file upload.

Dirceu M. Azevedo

You need to delete the file first, and then delete the associated database entry. (or, you could store a list of the URLs somewhere else, delete the database entries, and then delete the files from the list of URLs)

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How do I do that?

delete the associated database entry

Dirceu Martins de Azevedo

Dirceu Martins de Azevedo

Have solution

Just do it however you were doing it previously… but make sure you do it after deleting the files.

I am doing this.

I delete all database files.

When I delete the files uploads it deletes only 1.

I need to delete the others.

I delete all database files.

well you’re obviously not deleting all files if it only deletes 1…

I delete a record list from the database.

When I use delete file upload in sequence, it deletes an image from the file upload only, not the list of images I need.

How do I delete all uploaded images using the user id.

Delete on uploaded file for user id = user id.

How does this condition pass to Delete on uploaded file?