Delete user account process

I am creating the process for allowing users to delete their accounts and i understood that using a recursive workflow is the way to go especially when you have a large amount of data so in my case let’s say i have as thing to delete about the user the following data : messages, post, comment, likes ecc.
What i am doing now is creating an end point with all those parameters and to pass the information to the end point i do a search for things with constraints created by current user and then i make the workflow recursive with only when do a search for thing count is greater than 0
now my question is is this process scalable? (probably not) how do you guys approach a problem like this? or have you solved a problem like this?
thanks in advance for your time

If you’re looking to remove all data associated with a specific user, this is going to be your best option. It might help to keep track of your deleted users in a separate data type, and run these recursive workflows for all users in the list once every day/week/month, since that would allow you to schedule this during an off hour for your application.

great thanks a lots for your response:) have a nice day

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