Delete vs Archive

Hi all,

Curious what people see as best practice.

Situation: user creates a project in the database then deletes it.

If the entry is deleted my understanding is it isnt ever recoverable.

If I set up the database to have a field “Archive” - Yes/No then the user has the ability to restore this item.

My fear is this would clog up the database eventually.

Is it possible to set up a workflow that routinely removes these archived items from the database say weekly or monthly?

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Hey there :wave:,

It really depends how many items you will have in your database. I normally just “archive” things because it is instant for the user and makes for a better UX.

You can set up a backend workflow that deletes that item after a certain amount of time only if the item is still archived. Check out Schedule API Workflows.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!

Good to know - will take a look at the scheduled API workflows. Cheers!

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