Which is faster: Delete + Add vs Search, Add If not exists and change if does

I’m trying to get as much speed as possible when working with the database as the user makes many small interactions with it and the slight halt can get annoying. So does anyone know which way is faster?

Unless there’s a way to make the workflow action async? I tried moving the task to the backend by scheduling a backend workflow for current date/time but I found actually scheduling the backend workflow halted the workflow for around the same amount of time.

That delay seems to be persistent. It’s more to do with awaiting a connection it seems. I can save 100 entries quickly from an RG using orchestra, for example BUT I don’t fee the delay for each which leads me to feel it’s something to do with the way the initIalization of the data api calls are made.

Like the DB goes to sleep if it’s not continuously being fed data so it quickly then returns to a resting state. Probably a way to keep overhead lower and save system resources

Hi Sean, I’d recommend reading “The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance” e-book if you’re optimizing your app for speed, there’s a lot of good practices and hacks there.

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