Deleting a specific cell in a repeating group using a button [Closed]

Hi everyone,

I have been reading different posts but I can not find out how to perform some deleting action.

I have a repeating goup with some data (“risks”) :

There is a red cross for each row allowing me to show that window whenever the red cross is clicked : Erase or not ?

It asks confirmation to delete the specific datum (and so the entire cell actually).

I absolutely do not know how to delete the datum corresponding to that specific cell.

Different posts deal with “set a state” which I do not understand really. More simply there are a lot of options to delete the last, the first, or a random risk… but I can not find any way to delete that specific cell from which the red cross is clicked. I should have missed something.

Please could you help me with that ?


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In that popup, set the “type of thing” to be a Risk. When you click the X in the repeating group, one of the actions in the workflow should be “Display Data.” Make sure you’re sending the current cell’s risk to that popup that comes up.

Then, when you click “Yes,” you would run a workflow that has a “delete” action in it, and the thing you’re deleting is “Parent Group’s Risk.” That should take care of it.


Thanks for having answered.

That works perfectly well !

  1. For the Red cross inside the repeating group, this is the workflow as advised : 48
    without forgetting to set as data to display “current cell’s” thing.

  2. Then I define the “type of thing” in the pop-up to be the same as the “type of thing” in the repeating group.

  3. Finally for the button Yes which confirms deleting (located in the pop-up) : 48
    I choose to delete the “Parent Group’s” thing.

I hope it could have helped some people in a similar situation.

Excellent, but still I wonder…

When it did not work, the window below was a “group” element and not a “pop-up” one. Is this a problem ?Erase or not ?
If it is so I would understand that I cannot find the proper setting to configure the workflow, i.e. “Parent Group’s” is not available (because it is not a pup-up but a group I assume ?)
Is it possible to do such thing with a group element too or do we have to absolutely use a pop-up ?

Anyway thank you very much Andrew, that helped me a lot and made me learn something else.

In fact it is (obviously) possible whether it is a pop-up or a group. It just has to be configured properly… :sweat_smile:

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