Deleting a group via popup

I have a group (Group Idea) within a repeating group (Idea List). I have an X icon within that Group Idea that I was using to delete Group Idea. However, I’d like to add a popup asking the user if they’re sure they want to delete. Then from there, have a button, “Yes, I’m sure” - and that button then deletes Group Idea. Problem is that now I can’t delete Group Idea from a button within the popup - the data options available for deletion don’t include Group Idea. Is this possible to do? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

I did this like this…

Have a state of your repeating group to hold the item you want to delete

set it when you press delete and show your popup

Link your yes button to workflow to delete the repeating group’s item to delete, then empty the state.
Link your no button to workflow to empty the state and re-hide the popup

What if you made the popup’s type Group Idea?

When X is clicked, pass to the popup the Group Idea to be deleted. Then the popup would have the Group Idea to delete. I’m not sure if the selection would be “This workflow’s Group Idea” or “This popup’s Group Idea”.

Would this work?

Yes, that would be the more Bubbly way to do this.

Since this question’s been coming up in various forms, I made a little video showing how you’d do this and other similar types of interfaces. Might be helpful to you:

This is really helpful! Thank you Keith!

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