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How to modify the value of a thing in selected cell?

I want to delete an item from a repeating group when user click the delete icon that is inside the repeating group.

It would be easy to delete the thing from the repeating group but I want a confirmation page where user has to click either ‘Yes Delete It’, Or ‘Don’t Delete It’ in order to be the thing deleted.

When User clicks ‘Yes Delete It’, I want to delete the selected thing from the repeating group.

How should my workflow look like to identify the selected cell?

I use a popup for the confirmation page and it’s the child of the group of the repeating group.

I’m using the change thing command because I don’t really delete the thing, just hide it by only showing things that destroy’s value is “no”.
I created a destroy value that is set to “yes” when user clicks ‘Yes Delete It’.

This is my current workflow but it doesn’t change the value of the thing:

I solved it by putting the Confirmation inside the cell.
This solution works for my application however I’m still curious how to solve this if I didn’t want to put the confirmation inside the cell.

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That would be the way, you can have a “collapsible when hidden” group in the cell. The repeating group cell should expand to include the confirmation box, and the shrink when you hide it again.

Alternatively, set a custom state on the repeating group of “thing to be deleted” and reference that in the popup.

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