Deleting rows of data in repeating group

i have a repeating group of things. if i have a check box outside the repeating group function as select all the (check all the check box in the repeating group rows). how do i set the state??? and also uncheck

You want to create a custom state on the repeating group. Make it a list of the things you are showing in the repeating group.

Then, when you check the box on each item, you add them to that list. When you uncheck the box you remove them from that list. The controls trigger workflows that make changes to the thing custom state list.

It helps to have a text field on screen that indicates how many items have been selected.

Selected (Do a search from repeating group custom list : count)

And you can have buttons near the repeating group to select (add) all or deselect (remove) all. These also can trigger workflows to make changes to the custom state list.

But I think checkboxes are hard to work with - I use buttons or icons. You can customize them to display in indication if an item is selected.

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