Remove Multiple cells of repeating groups data with button

I currently have a bill ledger tab where all bills that are sent go. I have 4 columns of repeating groups data displayed. The rows correlate to one another. I would like to make it so that when a checkbox or button next to on of the repeating group rows is clicked and a delete icon is clicked the data for what was selected gets deleted from the data base. I will add screenshots of my page. I also have multiple pages of data so I will somehow need for the checkbox to correlate to the repeating groups data that’s in its row. Maybe through a repeating group as well?

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 1.56.57 AM

put the checkbox into the cell of the RG, not outside of it.

Create a custom state that is a list of things (this should be the same type of data as displayed in your RG)

On the checkbox add a workflow action with condition. Action is to set the custom state list of things to a value of the custom state list of things plus item current cell’s thing. Condition is when custom state list of things doesn’t contain current cells thing.

Add another workflow action that is the same as the above with slight differences. Action will use minus item instead of plus item and condition will use contains instead of doesn’t contain.

Then when the user presses the button to delete the items, you will run the action to delete a list of things and the list to delete is the custom state list of things…then have a second action to set the custom state list of things value to empty.

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