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Delivery within Radius of Restaurant

We have an expression in the UK, “there are many ways to skin a cat”, which I’ve never quite been brave enough to find the origins of, but it means there are lots of ways to achieve the same result.

I need to add an address / postcode validation for delivery i.e. restaurant only delivers in 3 mile radius.

There are lots of plugins etc, but what’s the best recommended way of going about this? thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Store the address of the restaurant as a geographic address (in the db)

Then you can simply run an expression on a geographic address input to say if it is within x 3 miles of the restaurant.

As long as point A and point B are stored as geo it is fairly simple.

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have you succeeded? cause want to do the same

Hey @NigelG - thanks for replying is this expression native to Bubble’s in built actions? Or do I need a plugin, do you think?

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What @NigelG described is native to Bubble :grinning: