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Demo App for Private Storage on Blockchain

Hi all! I created a demo app in Bubble that takes files from a database and stores them on the Internet Computer blockchain. Check it out:

The reason I chose this blockchain is because it’s relatively cheap for storage ($5/GB) and generally powerful. The Bubble app connects blockchain by using Bubble’s API Connector to call ICME’s API (I’m a cofounder of ICME). The editor is open so you can see how it works.

The primary benefit of storing files on blockchain and not on Bubble/AWS is to increase privacy: the app developer cannot see what files are saved on blockchain even though a user is using a Bubble frontend and workflow do to so. More about the benefits are here. For this, you’d just need to tweak the app so that it stores local files on chain without first storing on Bubble.

A second benefit is redundant file storage.

Do people want to see this as a bona fide plugin?

I’d love any feedback and questions - thank you!


This is excellent. I’m a novice to the web3 tech stack concept and am exploring moving as much as I can of my Bubble app to web3 for the sake of learning realistic use cases for the technology.

Can you show an editor version of how you achieved this?

Hi Tyler, thanks! Yes here is a link to the Editor.

Please let me know if you have any questions I’ll respond immediately.