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Bubble and Nexus Blockchain newbie questions

Hi there,

I have an app that stores some sensitive user information. This is mainly text-based data like Name, Address, etc. and then a small pic of their face.

I like the idea of potentially securing that data via a blockchain solution. I’m hearing a lot about Nexus possibly.

How would this actually work? Say a user creates a new record with the above information. That of course gets stored in Bubble’s native database and gets recalled when it’s called from the database. Where does the blockchain component come in?

Is that same information then also encrypted and saved to Nexus at the same time? What advantage, if any, does it provide in terms of securing that data? Is that data no longer stored on Bubble’s end? What is the cost for each data record in this manner because I know ETH blockchain is unsustainably expensive.

Just a newbie here wanting to clarify some things about it.

Thanks for any guidance on the subject.

Have you considered offloading your backend somewhere that is perhaps more secure. Firebase will sign a BAA with you, for example BUt

I am interested to hear how we could incorporate this.

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