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Deploy with Issues

Hi all,

I’m trying to get a version of my site up while I’m still tinkering behind the scenes on some works-in-progress.

The index page doesn’t link to any of the pages with issues, actually, it doesn’t link anywhere.

Is it possible to get this up without deleting the pages I’m still working on?


I went ahead and changed what I could and just deleted the pages in progress. But, I’d still like to know if there’s a way to cherry pick pages to deploy.


When you deploy, you’re deploying the whole app, so there’s not a way to do page by page. Im curious about your development methodology such that you’d consider deploying broken stuff in the first place. What’s your thought process there?

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Oh, sorry. The pieces that are “broken” are just works-in-progress. They aren’t yet linked up as I’m still working on them and playing with all the details. For example, I have two dashboards going and am doing local testing to see how folks interact with them. They aren’t ready yet but the home page was ready to go up.

I think this is the case for why we have a preview server and a production server. You should absolutely be getting feedback as early and often as you can, but I’d be careful about how you chunk up your work and decide what goes to production.

I’m also overzealous about development methodologies… That’s what pays my bills lol

How to you work it in Bubble when you have a small update ready to go at the same time a big feature is in the works?

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Great question that probably warrants a different topic, but here’s my process in a nutshell:

I break big features into individual user stories. A user story is the smallest chunk of work that adds value to a user, and is “full stack.”. For example, I wouldn’t put a button on the page unless the button actually did what it was supposed to do.

The main reason for the above is that after each user story, everything in your app is in a done state. At any point, everything that’s on PROD should work as expected. If you have a big feature that’s half complete, it’s usually a sign that the user stories were scoped improperly.

Technically, our team can push to prod multiple times a day and have 100% confidence that everything up there works as we intended.

For a more in-depth explanation, check out Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck. Is this topic interesting enough to build a video or tutorial about?