Deploying to live - "No Such Customer" in Stripe

I’ve just deployed my marketplace app to ‘Live’ which means getting to grips with the ‘Live’ database and a lot more.

What I’m having trouble with is that when I press “Buy”, the logged in user is taken to the Stripe payment screen. This works fine in my “Dev” version but I get the following message in my ‘Live’ version.

This appears to be because there are no Customers set up in Stripe under ‘Live’ . But from what I can work out from using the ‘Dev’ version of my App is that these Customers are created when the Stripe payment screen is opened and name and payment card details are entered. However this message appears before I get there so I can’t create the Customer in Stripe (live) so I don’t see how I can progress from here.

I’ve checked my API keys etc and they’re fine but there’s clearly a gap in my knowledge. I just don’t know what I’ve missed. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

How are you creating the Customer in Stripe?

Are you using a Stripe plugin or are you using the API connector?

I’m using the Stripe Plugin (As far as I’m aware although I’ve just realised it could be something native to Bubble)
In the workflow (Payments > Charge The Current User). This takes the Current user to a Stripe Payment screen where they enter personal and payment details.

It looks like this…

I think it’s the Stripe Plugin…although I’m not completely certain (it was a while ago, I added several plugins and eventually used the method in the WF screenshotted above because it worked)

There are numerous Stripe plugins… so I’m guessing you mean Bubble’s own Stripe plugin?

In any case, I’m not sure how any particular plugin works, so I cant comment on that…

But have you copied user data from your Dev Database to the live database?

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That’ll be it…Bubble’s own Stripe Plugin.

I’ve just "Recopied " the data from Dev to Live databases and I’ll give it a test and report back.

Yes. I logged in successfully in “Live”…entered an order, hit “Pay” and got the same message. Quite frustrating.

OK…I’ve done it and, as usual, couldn’t have got there without your help.

I did have Users in my app’s Test Database and I copied them over to the Live Database. That doesn’t update the LIVE Stripe “Customers” list though.

So…I deleted all the Users from my app’s LIVE database then logged into the Live app, out there IRL, and created an account on the app in order to log in. That seemed to do the trick and I got through to the standard payments screen.

Thanks again for pushing me in the right direction, Adam.
Dev vs Live databases always gets me.
All the best

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