Stripe plugin doesn't work on live mode

I am using the stripe plugin, in the test version of my app it works fine, but when I publish the application I get the stripe error “No such customer ID …” could someone help me?

Deploy your dev data to live.

Do you mean “copy and restore data base”?


It doesn’t work because stripes account is not saved on the data base

Just checking, are you using the default Bubble plugin?

This one

That is used to process payments/subscriptions. It connects with their API and your API Credentials in order to work.

No data from that is saved unless you save it manually.
membership = blah
subbed_at = time
payment_processor = stripe

Stripe separates their test and live database. Similar to how bubble handles theirs. So because of that, copy from dev to live won’t work. You’ll need to create the customer in live mode in your bubble app for the new customerID to be present/created in stripes live mode. Using stripe live keys of course.