Deployment (Half of site)

Hi! I deployed my site and i thought it was ok. Then I looged in in the deployed version and all templates that should appear do not. Any idea why and how to fix that?

I set my database to LIVE and still does not work…

Yes but is the content of your live database the same as your development database? What do you mean by ‘templates that should appear do not’?

There are 2 pictures. The first one is on live mode. The second is on previwe mode.

Show us your database. The answer I’ve already provided is almost certainly the correct answer.

You need to copy the development database to the live database.

When I click live database isn´t this what it does? Copy the development to Live?

No, it takes you to the live database so you can see it. You’re viewing the live database, which right now is empty.

‘Copy and restore database’

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Thank you! I´ll try that Mike!

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