Live database not loading or recording data

So, I bought a crowdfunding template and everything works fine in development mode. The database shows up, all the buttons work, and I’m able to see everything. I’m on a paid plan and the site is live. While using the live site, my publish doesn’t work, no data shows up in the live database, and a few other things. I’ve filed a ticket but they don’t see anything wrong with the app. Has anyone else had a problem similar to this?

Here is the site if you want to take a look:

Hi @david.green2010,

First of all, I think you mistyped the domain. I’m guessing you meant

Data is not moved to the live site when you “deploy” - only the app UI and data structure. The data itself must be explicitly copied to the live site. Go do DataApp data and note the Copy and restore database link.

Yes that is the site. I’m not trying to copy the data. I’m using the live site of Qrowdit and I’ve created 7 campaigns that don’t show up in the live data.

Hmm, well the only thing that comes to mind is to check the documentation for the template and/or contact the developer. If the dev site’s working, it’s likely not privacy rules. Maybe someone else has some suggestions.


You can check if there are user roles and that the user you are logged in as has the correct roles and privileges assigned.

Ok thanks I will try that now.

One more thing…

Go to DataApp data (and make sure it says Live in the upper right). Then click on the various views to see of the data you added is there.

Yea I did that. This keep showing up.

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that message in that context. If it occurs consistently (and sounds like it does), it might be worth submitting a bug report for that specific issue. Attach that screenshot to the report as well.

yea did that as well too. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it or why it is doing that. I’ve given a video of the walkthrough of the issues I was having in Live compared to development

So were they unable to reproduce the issue, or did they just say there’s nothing they can do (which would seem odd)? Are they still investigating?


Maybe check the scheduled workflows tab to make sure there are no rogue workflows running amok.

Yea they reproduced the issue and said there is no solution so far. I’m guessing they are still investigating. It’s only been a few days so far. I’ll check the workflow again. It’s just weird that it works fine in development but not live

Hey I rand into the same problem. I was using the back-end workflow and realised that the API end-point was pointing to version-test.
All I had to do was to change that to version-test and it all worked.

Not sure what’s wrong if it’s not this issue. Please elabourate