Design fake chat bublle on a webpage

Hello all,
Who know if it’s possible to create a fake chat design (like a >hat’sapp), that I can write myself (like a fiction story) ?
Without any real messaging function for the users but just scrolling the conversation bubbles to read the story(see images or listen vocals).

If yes, WHO could help me ?

Hi Valentin,

To do this you would have to obviously copy the whatsapp design then for the database part have a data type called ‘Message’ and within that data type have the fields:

  • Sender or Receiver (just have this as a text input or as an option set)
  • Content (the message)
  • Time & Date (to display under the message)
  • Message type (either text, image or video)
  • Image (only used when message type is image)
  • Video (only used when message type is video)
    You would then create a repeating group containing various elements which show/hide depending on the above fields for each message. If it is ‘Sender’ type you would conditional a grey background text box with the content to show on the left side of the repeating group, and if it is receiver you would conditional a green box to show on the right side of the repeating group. Then if the message type is Image you would trigger an image element to appear in the RG with the image, and if it’s a video type then a video element to appear, etc. etc.

Standby! I have just submitted a plugin that will allow you to do just this and much more.

It is currently pending review. I will post when it clears review.

You can learn all about it Here

Thank you so much!
Tell me when it will online :slight_smile:

Do you have some news?

Hey @valentin.hochet, here it is: