Speech bubbles for a messager app


I recently created an app that includes personal messaging. Now I was wondering if I could add something like speech bubbles (the bubbles your message appears in when you write, e.g. the green thing around your message in WhatsApp)?

Does that work?

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See if this works for you [New Feature] Audio recorder element

I don’t see how an audio recorder could help with a UX question.

Sure. You display the chat messages in a repeating group. Now you can add a group inside the repeating group cell and give it some nice border and/or shadows. :slight_smile: Is that what you wanted to know?


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but I did that already. I was looking for the exact design of a ‘bubble’ going away from the side where the person is writing, like that: :left_speech_bubble:

is that also possible?

Does anyone know how to do this?

I would be happy for your help

@felix.zehetner See this post:

We did it by just not rounding one corner.

Though you could do it differently with a tail image.
You can see it on the right side of this speech bubble.

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But I feel like this is just concerning a “typing” icon

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but could you please send me a bubble file with the speech bubbles? I don’t get your work yet. Did you use hexagons or octagons for the bubbles?

Polygonal shapes are not possible with bubble element. Gautch is using an image.

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where can I find this (or a similar) image?

You make the image yourself in vector software: https://alternativeto.net/software/figma/