Designing a Single Page Application (SPA) - Tutorial

Topics covered include:

  • Reusable elements
  • Option sets
  • Navigating via page URLs
  • Responsive dashboard design

@alexcooney5 (Reposting here in case you don’t see it on YouTube.)

Hi Alex, thank you so much for the tutorial. I really like the way you explained all the details and this video was foundational in helping me set up my social media web app. One question I have is similar to the person above.

You are probably familiar that when building multi-page apps in bubble there is the “current user” and “current page user”. Setting a page’s data type to user allows me to select current page user for that page to display another user’s profile info like photo, bio, username etc.

Unfortunately when using the above reuseable views, I’m unable to use current page user since the “dashboard” view doesn’t have a data type set and it is not a different page. Any advice on how to overcome this limitation would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I would need to restructure my entire application :pensive:

Store the user as a URL parameter

Or a custom state but that would be lost on page-refresh (I don’t recommend)

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Thanks for your quick reply @tylerboodman ! You mean pass the other user’s unique ID or username in the URL parameter? I’m worried that’s not secure or will cause the URL to become really long.

Is there any particular issue with having a long URL? Security wise it’s just a visible unique id that someone could find in the developer console anyway. You could also use slugs and display that in the URL instead (a more friendly looking unique id).

It would just look like or with a slug

u for User, arbitrary key name you can use, like in a youtube link it’s[video id]


Perfect thanks let me try the slug and see how that looks. Thanks so much again :pray:

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