How to have the URL for different profiles?

Hello everyone,

I am facing an issue since days that I can’t solve even if I’ve read a lot in this forum.

In my app I have the user profile page with all their informations and that is the page the user will see as his profile.
I also created another page from the user profile page with less informations because it will be send to other people. How can I have each URL of this second page for each user ? And where can I find it?

I have the same issue with another subject which is not the user. For example, people can fill a survey without creating an account so they are not users and I cannot use “Current user” to send informations. I have the page of the survey and the version B of this page that I created with less informations (as I did for the users) So same questions, how can I have the URL of each version B survey page ? Where can I see it ?

I really hope I made my explanations clear but if not, just tell me and thank you so much for the help !!

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In your app you won’t see the page with the URL for the user profile. You create the one page and then set the content to be dynamic and use the URL path to fetch the data.

Check through the forum, lots of posts all pointing to the same video explaining it.

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Thank you for your answer.

I really went through a lot of documentation and I’ve seen the video “How to Create Clean URLs for Your Bubble App’s Pages” if it’s what you were talking about. But still doesn’t solve my issues.
In this video she creates a button to redirect to a page and modify the url but I can’t create this button because the user must not have access to this page.

And when I search for a user profile and I type the url related, it will just show me the last profile page created from the last user.

Same issue for my surveys pages and it is not related to user so I don’t know how to do it.

I really tried a lot of things since days but nothing works, can you please help me ?

Thank you a lot!

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I’ve been working on it and I may found my mistake but still don’t understand how to fix this.

My inputs are directly related to the Current User as the Initial content of each input is Current user’s + the element I want to be seen.

So if I am just a random person wanting to see this page it’s just empty…
And if the Initial content in the input is just left blank I don’t have the info that appears:

So how can I do to have the link of this page of each user without being a current user ?

Thank you for your help

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