Details about registering a domain with Bubble

I have a couple of questions about registering a domain with bubble:

  1. Can I register more than one? (first is included, how much it is for additional domains pointing to the same app)

  2. Is it possible to have the private whois’s details (to not expose my private address, name, phone etc…)

  3. Does Bubble act as a standard domain registrant, allowing domain transfer on demand etc?

Thank you
and happy new year!

Hey @rhinoted,

Here’s a quick run through of your questions:

You’ll need to register your domains independently through a registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. Bubble doesn’t support domain registration through their service as of today, though that would be a good revenue driver.

You can create and manage forwarding rules at the registrar level. Bubble can only assign those for pages you create. You can ‘fake’ domain forwarding if you have separate projects for each domain with automated workflows.

You’ll need to purchase WHOIS privacy protection from your registrar to protect your domain owner information.

Your registrar will remain your go-to source for transfers, pointers and support regarding your domain.



Thank you Salar, I’m enrolled in your course, it is very interesting.

What about the tab “domain e email” in the settings? it’s written “Pick a domain name and click set up this domain. this will register the domain with bubble and will provide you with what you need to redirect your domain to your app”

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Much like the documentation and interface copy, it’s a bit misleading. Bubble isn’t a domain registrar here. Those instructions could have been better communicated with “Register a domain name and enter it below. We’ll provide you with DNS records for your registrar in order to point the domain to your Bubble project.”

Ok I see…

If I register multiple domais and then redirect all of them to the same app there is some way I could be messing with SEO? I will be able to choose like the “main one” from the bubble panel?

It probably depends on what you are trying to do, however …

You are probably best off doing the redirects at the DNS end, so picking one “main” domain and setting that up on bubble, then redirecting the others to that.

So for example if you have you probably will have redirected in the setup anyway and if you have (for example) it is probably going to be easier to redirect to the .com one. Most domain management tools allow this.


ok, good idea indeed. Thanks

@copilot I found this very helpful as I was really struggling to understand what I needed to do next regarding my domain creation. Thank you!

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