Bubble, let everyone have more than one domain name per Plan. Let us try out our ideas

Hi @emmanuel First of all congratulations on Bubble. Awesome!!!

I’m new here and this is a quick an idea to increase your revenue with zero overhead for you guys.

Let people put more domains that they own on their apps.

People on Personal plans can have one domain in one app.

But they can host infinite other apps without any extra cost.

Many people using Bubble have a lot of ideas that they want to try.

They didn’t before because they didn’t know how to try them.

Or didn’t bother to try. Back-end is boring.

With Bubble now they can.

If you let them put a domain in each of those idea apps that they are trying, may be one of those ideas goes big.

If that happens it will increase their usage and your revenue.

Charging upfront $29 for each attempt, each domain, they will not try.

You end up with endless apps that you charge nothing to host.

Give those ideas (apps) a chance to go big.

Setting up a new domain name in an app have nothing to do with you guys.

It’s up to the user to redirect the domain name to Bubble.

Zero overhead for you and potential increased revenue?

Sounds great to me.

And I believe it will sound great for a lot of people here as well…

In regards to Bubble, thank you for bringing the fun back into programming.
I liked the way I programmed in the 80’s in Basic, Pascal, Forth, green screens where you could design menus with code.
Ugly but efficient with quick idea changes quick to put in place.
This new languages that are all boiler plate and no fun.
Yes, looks much better that green screens but programming is not fun or efficient anymore.
Thank you!
Happy Easter!

Dear @richardaxeoz
Firsr of all I am not bubble i am user just like you. :blush:
You can have that as requested have many custom domains as you wish.
But you have to be in dedicated server which will cost you alot (comparing to monthly subscription you are paying)
if you don’t make a good income out of these apps.
Have multiple domains pointing to apps has its technical challenges as well. And it can be done only if you were not on shared plan at the current time. You might load that server only by running workflows. You might have more clients to your apps while others don’t…
Beside bubble already taking that money you are paying without allowing you having multiple custom domains.
However you can have multiple apps on hobby plan and you will have domain (bubbleapps.io) for them as well but not your custom domain…
It goes like this build your app. If you have more people get more capacity. If you are expanding get higher plan more collaborators… if have another idea get another personal plan… multiple of your domains success take dedicated server.
They allow you to grow you want to try no problem go with hoby plan test the water there.
It is like you have so many employees each one of them has his own rented apartment. One of them is really working others are willing or they might work in the future and you are paying rent for all. Managing for their food… transportation everything but these guys are not doing anything for you except loading your schedule with tasks. Making you pay money.
You are bubble
Employee that aren’t working or might we don’t know is custom domains and apps

Hi @solinz,
Thank you for your reply.

Yes, but they are making no money for several other apps that we have on their servers.

All those add to the load to the servers whithot them making any money on those.

The overhead for them to let custom domains in is zero, nil, nothing.

The potential of one of those apps getting more load is good and that load will be charged to who is paying for the plan.

Who is doing that is Bubble not us.

We pay for the employee that we believe is going to work or is working already.

They pay for all the other ones…

If they let us put mre domains in a plan, once one of those start working the load will increase as their revenue, as they charge for load.

Software as a service business model.

Thank you for your input.
Happy Easter!

I wish they do what you are suggesting that will be great. :slightly_smiling_face:

however without a proper domain no clients/users will come to your app. the name is just too long to be remembered. :slightly_smiling_face: so you spent time building your app eventually you will pay for custom domain. i did and others almost everyone at beginning was on hobby until they built something worthy got a custom domain.

second point maybe is correct. however people sometimes hits their maximum capacity but setting things wrong in workflow. so maybe you can not really tell? i am not sure how the capacity being measured though i don’t think it is user/visitor loading issues but more like using that server to process workflows.

Hi @solinz,

Thank you for your reply.

As I said @emmanuel, @solinz agrees.


About Load:

I agree with you once more.

The point is without a domain, in both cases are making no money for Bubble.

With a Domain, there is a chance for Bubble to increase their revenue, whatever model they use to measure load.

And for us an opportunity to try our ideas with domains that we might already have or acquire…

I support this as a user but don’t really think it’s going to happen) Personal domain is the main reason I pay for personal account and data import ofcourse.

Hi @sat_miha,
Thank you for your reply.

My proposal here is not to allow Domains into Hobby accounts.

The idea is for Bubble to allow more domains to who is already paying for one.

That would allow blubbers to test their apps with proper domain names.

Once the app goes ahead, the load will increase as well as the user bill and Bubble revenue.

The setup of domains need zero work from bubble.

Who sets up the redirection of the domain to the app is the user.

That is my argument.

Zero overhead for Bubble and potential increase in revenue due to more load on their servers.
Happy Easter!