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Detecting time zones

Has anyone figured out how to detect time zones of users without asking for their current location?

I want to store that info in our DB and also change some time fields to reflect the current user’s time zone.

I figure this will be helpful for anyone.

You can determine the timezone by getting the current Date/Time and formatting as: Z

Search the forums, but there is timezone handling built in, less chance of messing things up than manually manipulating!


Wow this seems too obvious… thanks

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That’s the easy bit…good luck with the rest! :smiley:


Just keep in mind that current time is taken from users browser. If you want to validate time then you need to get the IP or the current location.

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Is there any way of Doing A Search For Timezone based on Latitute/Long/Google Maps address?

SOLVED: Change Thing to Address type and use Timezone ID display in a text element.

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