Determine order of images | drag and drop in a RG

I have an app where users upload images and I need the user to be able to put the images in the order they’d like.

My data structure that looks like this:
Data Type: Property has a field type: _images which are the data type Property Images
Data Type: Property Images
has a field type: _listOfImages which is the list of all the images uploaded
and has a field type: _order which is a number

I’ve set up the RG, with the drag and drop zones and now I’m stumped as to how my workflow should be setup so that

  1. When an image is dropped in a new location the order updates
  2. Once the order is set, how do I make changes to the _listOfImages so that the list displays in the correct order.

Does that make sense?

My workflow thus far looks like this:

Workflow started when image is dropped:

Set the custom state to newOrder which is a number, and this is where I’m stuck

Am I headed in the right direction? Thanks for the help!

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