Save new order of a RG list using reorder plugin

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport I’m using your Reorder RG list plugin and I’m struggling to understand how to save the newly reordered list in the same database and field, just in the new order. I’ve read the documentation but I’m not finding it obvious to understand.

As an example I have a property website and I want users to be able to reorder their images so that they can choose their primary image (the one that shows everywhere across the site by default) I want this to be the first image in the list of images. your plugin now allows them to drag any picture to the top left which is great. Now I just need to save that new order, ideally automatically so the user doesn’t need to even press a button.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 16.42.36

My database is set up with a list of images stored on s3

What’s the most simple way to set this up?

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Hello, dear @joe.sharpish
Thanks for tagging our team.

We are sorry for the issue you faced with the Sortable RG - Drag & Drop plugin, but this plugin does not belong to the Zeroqode products.
As you can see, this plugin is created by the EzCode team:

Please be free to contact them in order to fix appeared issue.
By the way, allow me to note that correctly, our developers’ team is working on creating the same plugin ( for sorting and reordering items) with improved functionality.

Hope your issue will be fixed.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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Haha! Thanks for the heads up. My bad :grinning:

Ok. same question to @ezdev


Hi @joe.sharpish

For your use-case , you will have to use the initial order feature because the plugin works with text type list only.
Resaving a list of images will be a heavy task for the bubble backend, also the DB is limited on the amount of requests and characters that can be uploaded, since the images would have to be converted in base64, this is a big amount of data.

See the initial order example from the documentation, aslo we did a separate demo with this feature, see in this post:

Andrew from EzCode