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Determining which items in Repeating Group are visible

For a Repeating Group with a scrollbar:

Is there any way to determine which items are currently visible in a repeating group (especially after the user has scrolled and the set of visible items has changed)?

Thank you!

I’m a little confused on your question. Do you mean is there any way to change which items are visible? If not the way to tell which items are currently visible is by seeing them :laughing:

Here’s a possible scenario:

After the user moves the scrollbar, a new set of items scroll into view on the Repeating Group. Let’s say these items are of type Customer which has a Y/N field “Alert”. If any of these (newly) visible items has Alert = Y, then I want to display a message to user that alerts him to this fact.

I understand this now. I looked through some repeating groups and I could not find a way to do this. Sorry that I wasn’t able to help more

Thank you for trying!!

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