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When first item is shown in Repeating group = Don't show an element

Having repeating group, showing a list, horizontally.

Would like to add button on each side, to show next/previous item (in the repeating group (which is known how to do)), but would love to hide the “Show previous item” if the RG is already showing the first item, i.e. when there is no previous item. - How to establish such? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi there, @another… you can add a condition to the button that hides the button (i.e., this element is visible with the checkbox unchecked) when the current cell’s index is 1.


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Thanks for the reply!

The button “left” arrow is not in the repeating group, rather being on top of it, in the parent group.

Have tried to add a checkbox, to be checked once the RG index is not one, and have tried to add a shape to be visible once the RG index is not one - both of to trigger button to be visible or not.

Conditions on the button can’t find the checkbox, nor the shape element.

What i am missing here? Can we reach somehow index (number) outside the repeating group, i.e. if we (element, in this case the button) is not attached to the RG? Thanks!

Hi @another

Another approach here could be to make the repeating group of fixed number of cell type instead of horizontal scrolling. Then, you can use the show next, show previous workflows to go to next of the repeating group.

For the icon, you will set the condition " repeating groups on first page" → the element is not visible.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Then we loooooooseee the scroll option? :smiley: :frowning:

It would be great to be horizontal, one item, all that is done, and even we can recognize when the first item is visible, but as the button is outside the RG, how we can reach such condition that is only visible inside the RG, as Index (number).

What we can do here!?!?!? :smiley:

Maybe we can say to users to not look at the button when the first item is visible? :blush:

Have you checked out the Advanced Scroll Spy plugin? It lets you see which cell of a repeating group is at a certain position so you can set your conditionals based on that…

Advanced Scrollspy / RG index Plugin | Bubble


Thanks Adam,

Will check it out.

Still seeking for a solution here…

I haven’t tested this one out, but a custom state might work. Put a custom state (number) on the repeating group, and use workflows to set the state to the index number of the cell that is being displayed. Then, add a conditional to the button that says when the custom state’s value is 1, the button is not visible.


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