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Dev site no longer working after settings up customer domain



After successfully setting up a custom domain my dev site has stopped working.

In settings tab it says I’m all good,

But then when i try to preview a page on dev, i get an error every time on all pages.

Please help, as i need to make some changes and am stuck without resolving this issue.

This is happening for


I’m now also getting this message, so i’m not sure if bubble dev is down?

In this particular URL, you have a typo - add a question mark between “test” and “debug” so that it reads:

… version-test?debug_mode=true

I’m able to successfully visit the site when correctly written (or just remove the debugger part)

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That fixed it,

But the strange part is that i’m just clicking preview from the Bubble editor, and this URL is incorrect from the bubble editor.

What would have caused that, and how can i fix the bubble editor to write the / ?

This is likely a bug, best to submit a bug report to make sure they get this addressed:


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